Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going To Dinner

One evening in class my students were having a discussion about where to go to find good photos. Many of the national parks were mentioned, state parks,, city parks, and many areas in other states. The general consensus seemed to be that there was nothing around here to photograph. When I pointed out that we have a good selection of subjects right in this area what I heard was, "we've done all that". So, just for discussion, I went out to see what I could find in a limited time. What I did was what any man would do, I took my wife out to dinner. It is a 17 mile drive from our house to the restaurant. What could I find on this very ordinary 17 mile drive?

Well, it took about 2 hours to travel the 17 miles and I only stopped because my very patient (hungry) wife was starting to chew on the car seats and it was about to rain. Almost 3 rolls of Tri X and I still had not even come close to running out of subject matter. This photo is one that was taken that evening. It shows the storm front moving in........we made it to the Cracker Barrel just as the rain started.  A very well spent 2 hours, this "Going To Dinner" project resulted in 3 local shows over the next year.

The camera used was another interesting item. I had been talking in class about how the camera does not matter, about how it is just a tool and how it is the "grey filter" behind the eye piece that is the most important. My wife, having heard about this lesson, found the little gem I used on this project at the local thrift store. It cost all of $20.00! It is a Yashica GTN. A fixed lens rangefinder with auto exposure made in the 1970's and 1980's. The lens is very sharp and although you would not think that the meter would be any good in a camera this old it really works very well.
WOW, what you can do with an old $20.00 camera.


Mama Fisch said...

This picture is simply stunning! I am a "blossoming" photographer and how I wish we had landscapes as lovely as that here in VA! That is just, amazing!

And kudos for finding such a gem at a thrift store! Isn't it amazing what one can find there? Seriously.. one's trash is DEFINITELY another's treasure!! :)

steve said...

Thank you, I am glad you like my work. And I sometimes wish that I was in VA. I have traveled through that country and it is truly beautiful.